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Diverse, high-intensity, daily workouts requiring only a pullup bar, kettlebell, and an optional fitness band…




Daily Workout at Home is a workout program based around high-intensity, diverse, functional exercises that translate into fast, amazing results.  It is for ANYONE!!!  It will challenge the professional athlete as well as provide a great, scaled workout program for your grandmother.  No more wasting your time and money doing the same, tired home workouts over and over again or random exercises in a globo gym, on the elliptical (really…when will you ever run like that in real life?), or on the shoulder fly machine (really?) and wondering why you are not seeing the results you want.  No more early morning boot camps or trying to fit workout program you have to drive to into your busy schedule.  Turn your overall wellness around and become the athlete you were meant to be.  Lose weight, gain lean muscle, tone your body with all the additional benefits that come from at home workouts.  Look good and feel good with only a kettlebell, a pullup bar, and optional fitness bands without ever having to step foot in a gym or watch another cheesy fitness DVD.

Centered around concepts of cardiovascular endurance, gymnastics, and weightlifting, Daily Workout at Home gives you a complete workout program to follow from the comfort of your home.  Each day, Daily Workout at Home provides a dynamic warm-up, a workout, a cool-down, exactly how to scale the workout for your fitness level, and links to videos explaining and teaching the exercises needed for that day.  It is not a 90 day program that ends and leaves you scrambling to find what’s next, but don’t get us wrong as you will see drastic results in 90 days.  Simply follow the Daily Workout at Home diverse workouts and get ready to work hard, be proud, and see drastic results quickly.


Daily Workout at Home cycles exercises using body weight, kettlebells, and a pullup bar which will allow your body to adapt and make gains during the cycles of the workout program.  Then, before you can fully adapt and plateau, you move on to the next cycle of exercises.   Diverse workouts within the cycles will keep you body guessing, so you will consistently continue to see results.  This is a proven concept that has been tested for ages.  The program does not end in 90 days.  This is a sustainable workout plan, updated daily, with fresh home workouts with which you can follow for the rest of your life!!!



Daily Workout at Home was created by two garage gym athletes who spent years following various workout programming.  They have now moved on to own CrossFit City Limits in Austin, TX.  Remembering back to their garage gym days and the difficulties they ran into trying to follow any type of legitimate strength and conditioning program at home with the equipment they had, they created WOD at Home.  WOD at Home utilizes many barbell movements that the average person is not comfortable with.  In comes Daily Workout at Home which is based around the same proven methodologies, but which only requires a kettlebell and a pullup bar to maximizes working out at home with minimal equipment. Be ready to work hard to earn increased body composition, lean muscle mass, higher energy through-out the day, and just being awesome at life with home workouts you can perform anytime.


Daily Workout at Home not enough?  WOD at Home offers the more advanced home gym athletes, at home workouts they can perform with limited equipment.

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High quality kettlebells, pullup bars, and fitness bands to help with the home workout of the day with free returns.

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Why choose Daily Workout at Home?

  • Daily, high-intensity, home workouts with diverse exercises using minimal equipment,
  • Dynamic Warm-up to prepare you for the at home workout of the day,
  • The Daily Workout,
  • Cool-down exercises,
  • Instruction on exactly how to scale each exercise for your fitness level, and
  • Links to videos explaining each of the exercises used that day, so there are no questions about how to workout at home, if you are doing the correct thing, or if you are performing it safely.
Daily Workout Posts:

Don’t plateau or get bored following the same home workout or DVD over and over again.  Let Daily Workout at Home provide you with efficient, effective, home workouts. The Daily Workout at Home program mixes diverse home workouts posted daily that use only a kettlebell and a pullup bar.  Take out all the guess-work with daily scaling options for different fitness levels and links to videos explaining the exercises.  See results fast by simply visiting Daily Workout at Home and following the workouts.  Work hard and be proud…Read More.